Edit: How I Sit on Cats (Originally Published August 7, 2015)

So, I graduated from a lovely little massage school in Wisconsin.  There are all different kinds of schools and bodyworkers.

At my school, we practiced a lot of energy work.  We talked about honing our intuitions in service of ourselves and our clients and healing the world.  I used some of it, and rejected some of it.  What I loved was when we talked about intuiting what our be-furred loved ones were communicating to us.

Unconventional, a little too much at times…for sure.  Yet, I actually did start communicating more effectively with my kitty cat.  Turns out she wasn’t too happy with me at the time.  So, I started a long path of transformation.

It turns out that our fur buddies have a lot to tell us.  And that they are really good at assisting us in our transformative experiences – guiding us, even.

I lost my little baby bear when she was 16, just two weeks before I became homeless.  I veered through an exhausting and bewildering path in the NYC shelter system, but ended up in a (mostly) liveable apartment. (It’s New York – this is what we expect, even when it’s not so great.  Different topic for a different day).  Point is, I think my kitty was guiding me the whole time.  You may find it hokey, but it’s how I see it.

So, I believe I have this gift for reading cats and people.  Cat care involves people care.  I take care of your cat.  I take care of you.  I take care of your home.

Edit,  January 31, 2017:

This was my ideal.  This was how I could package myself, I thought.  Now I think I can’t work in service, care or hospitality.  It got to be too much for me.  I just have to move on.  Ok.  Thanks.


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