Start Making Your Holiday Plans!

IMG_0675Good morning! I know, it’s 96 degrees out and it’s not even close to Halloween. Yet you might be thinking about whether or not you’ll be going away for Thanksgiving, the High Holy Days, or the winter holidays. I bet you’d love to take your critter(s) with you. However, if that’s out of the question, katclean is here!

I provide overnight cat care, once or twice-daily visits, and even day-long visits! Where else will you find that?

I clean the litter box. I wash and freshen the water bowl during each visit. I feed according to your instructions. I snuggle and play. I give cats their space, if that’s what they prefer. I also arrange pre-visits so I can hang with your little one(s) while you’re there, and get them comfortable with me.

I understand tight budgets: I can tailor the visiting schedule according to your needs. If your buddy likes the time alone – hey, I get it. I can stop by once a day for 15-30 minutes and charge you accordingly. Rates typically start at $25 per 1-hour visit. However, if that is out of your reach, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can work something out. I’m very amenable to bartering. My aim is to serve animals and animal-lovers, period.

Don’t worry! I provide references. Have your holiday stress eased a little by knowing that someone who truly cares is caring for your loved one.

Now traffic – I can’t do anything about that. Sorry. Meow.


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