Terrible Haikus

Here are some pretty bad haikus that don’t really fit the spirit of the haiku. I wrote them during a group at an outpatient psych program.  I cringe reading these.  Enjoy!


In the moment now

Forgive,  forgive,  forgive me –

I won’t read Eckhart Tolle



Quiet voice inside:

Sometimes I hear you clearly;

Please speak up more often



Practice this stuff

Do the skills of wrangling life

Practice makes better


It occurs to me

that it falls to me alone

to speak out my truth



To crawl toward love

is to sit with discomfort

’til transformation



Look, you’ll get something

out of this; keep going on;

there’s no real ending



To command the pen

may produce a lot of words

with little value



“It doesn’t matter”

That’s what we’re supposed to believe

I am skeptical









I’ve Moved On and Adopted a Cat

I never posted this, because I’m trying to protect my privacy. However, reading back over some of my posts, it’s clear that I never said here that I was able to move out of the subsidized housing system, and into a place of my own. Yipee!  Things are better.

I adopted a cat, too! She was at the shelter for two years.

2016-11-27-21-22-55 20161202_221910

Meow.  Thanks for reading.